2 Car Garage Dimensions

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Let’s discuss 2 car garage dimensions. Whether you’re building or remodeling, we cover the most common questions. These sizes apply to residential homes, not commercial projects.

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Standard 2 car garage dimensions

16′ wide x 7′ tall is the standard 2-car garage door size. Speculative builders use this size because it’s the least expensive standard height. Saving money is a good thing when you’re building hundreds of homes per neighborhood. It also keeps the retail price down for new homeowners.


Oversized 2 car garage dimensions

An oversized garage door will be 8′ tall but could be 16′ or 18′ wide. Our custom builders usually opt for an 18′ x 8′ oversized 2-car garage opening. Taller doors are usually reserved for RVs or boats.


What size 2 car garage door do you recommend?

If you’re building a new home, we recommend an 18′ x 8′ two-car garage door. The extra 2′ of width and 1′ of height give you a bit of breathing room. Whether you need to squeeze a trash bin or bicycle by, you’ll be thankful for the extra room.


Can you change the size of your 2 car garage door?

Anything is possible. In the past, clients have spent around $5K to convert two 1 car garage openings into a 2 car garage. A renovation project like that requires an engineer, permit, new framing, paint, sheetrock, and cased openings.


In closing

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