How Much Do Wood Garage Doors Cost?

How much is usually the first question shoppers ask when looking into wood garage doors. We’ve answered the question thousands of times over the years, so we decided to publish our answer. Price is important, so let’s get to it.

At Doorvana, we build and install the wood garage doors you see on our site. In fact, dozens of garage door companies across DFW sell our doors. Founder Matt Houchin has 20+ years of experience with wood garage doors. His industry knowledge drives every choice we make, from frame construction to insulation, and hardware. While we are huge fans of wood, we are not afraid to say that wood garage doors aren’t for everyone. We’ll dive into some common questions around wood garage door pricing, so you can decide what’s best for your Texas home.

We’re going to share our knowledge on the following topics

  • How much are wood garage doors?
  • Why are wood garage doors more expensive than steel?
  • What are the pros and cons of wood garage doors in Texas?
  • How much are popular garage door options and upgrades?

Wood garage door pricing explained with examples

8’ x 8’ basic wood garage doors start at $1,850. 16’ x 8’ basic wood two-car garage doors prices start at $2,695. Here are two examples of our basic wood garage door designs, along with pricing. Our basic doors are built from MDO or western red cedar, come in standard sizes, and don’t have hardware or windows. These wood garage doors lack insulation, but R3 insulation can be added to any of our doors starting at $400. Staining or painting and garage door openers aren’t included in this price.

Download our basic wood garage door designs here.

8x7 Custom cedar door rough side out Design #101
8′ x 7′ Cedar Rough Garage Door Design #101 Starting At $1,850
16 x 8 cedar wood garage door
16′ x 8′ Cedar Garage Door Starting at $2,695

Some clients want something special. Special could mean using an exotic wood species, decorative shape, or custom trim requests. Here are photos of our most expensive wood garage door build. These doors are built from mahogany, include pyramid panels, and decorative trim in an eyebrow shape.

Download our quick guide to garage door upgrades. 

8 x8 mahogany garage door
8′ x 8′ Mahogany Garage Door With Raised Panels and Decorative Trim Starting at $12K
18 x 8 mahogany garage door with raised panels
18′ x 8′ Mahogany Garage Door Pricing Starts at $20,000


What makes wood garage doors more expensive than steel?

With a wood garage door price range in hand, let’s discuss why wood garage doors are more expensive than steel doors.

  • Unlike steel garage doors, we build our door frames from clear grain douglas fir. Fir is stable, strong, and resists warping or twisting. A go-to lumber species for architects and engineers, douglas fir is undoubtedly the best structural lumber. Our frames consists of 1.75″ rails, 3.5″ stiles, on 3/4″ lumber. Click here to watch a time-lapse video of our guys building a cedar garage door. 
  • We also secure the garage door facing to the frame in a superior way. Our hardware is through bolted onto the doors, not attached with screws. This approach requires more pressure from a door to pull loose from the hinge. 25 gauge, or 7/320″ is the common steel thickness of popular Amarr or Clopay garage doors. Instead of the weight of your garage door screwed into 7/320″ sheet metal, we secure it to 3/4″ douglas fir. Click here to watch a video of our guys in the shop through-bolted a douglas fir wood garage door frame.
  • Our hand-crafted wood garage doors are built from a range of wood species. MDO, a paint grade weatherproof plywood, is the cheapest wood garage door material. Cedar is our 2nd most popular option but increases the price. Additional wood species like fir, cypress, clear redwood, and mahogany continue to raise the price.
clear douglas fir wood garage door
8′ x 8′ Unfinished Clear Douglas Fir Craftsman Starting at $3,750 each
black farmhouse garage doors
Paint Finished Wood Craftsman Style Wood Garage Doors

Pros and cons of wood garage doors in Texas

All big decisions benefit from a pro/con list, and the decision to buy garage doors is no different. Let’s look at items on each side of the list to determine if a wood garage door makes sense.


  • Completely customizable design means you get what you want, no compromising.
  • Beautiful addition to your curb appeal, meaning it likely won’t hurt your resale value.
  • Complements the natural stone found across Dallas-Fort Worth area neighborhoods.
  • Can be built to meet stringent architectural details.
  • If well maintained, wood garage doors will last a lifetime.
  • Custom sizing means we can make what you want.


  • Wood garage doors can cost up to 60% more than steel doors.
  • The finish requires painting or staining every few years which costs time and money.

Prices for other garage door options

LiftMaster garage door openers cost between $399 – $899.

Insulated garage door upgrade using R3 poly foam with luan backing cost between $400 – $700.

Glass top garage door sections usually start at $600.

Pre-stain wooden garage door cost usually start at $400.

Diagonal or chevron wood garage door pattern upgrade costs an extra 25%.

Custom arch shapes cost between $600 – $1,000.

Again, everything here is simply an estimate, and your final price may look much different. I hope you’ve developed a better feel for the potential costs of installing a wood garage door for your home, and what decisions you’ll need to make during the garage door buying process.

We’re happy to help you get an actual price for your garage door. You can get a quote today, just contact us here. 

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