Are There Standard Garage Door Colors?

Amarr Classica Flush closed black steel double garage door

A garage door is the most noticeable aspect of any home’s exterior, making it a perfect canvas to add personality and flair to your property. Even so, with numerous colors, stains, finishes, and materials available, selecting one that best complements your home’s architecture and style can seem daunting. This article discusses several things you need to know about garage door colors and brands to help you make an informed decision.


Standard Garage Door Colors

Most garage doors doors come in a few standard colors, including white, tan, brown, bronze, and black. For good reasons, when selecting a base color for a new garage door, white is a widely-used option in the market. It is classic and timeless and brightens up the exterior of any drab-looking home while giving it a clean, polished appearance.

Beige or taupe is another popular base color for garage doors, giving your home a warm and inviting look. Homeowners can create a sleek and sophisticated look using a black garage door color that enhances a gray exterior. Matching the garage door to the color of the house’s trim or roof produces a more cohesive feature.


Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door Colors

When selecting a garage door color, consider the exterior and style of your home, then pick a shade that unifies the overall look. Neutral colors such as white, beige, or gray are appropriate for a traditional home, whereas bold colors like black or red make a statement in modern houses.

Taupe is best suited for properties with a stone or brick fa├žade, making it a pleasant neutral color over black and white hues. Using deep wood-tone colors on a home’s front doors, porches, and garage doors creates a sense of nature and calm. Further;

  • Dark colors absorb up to 85% of the sun’s heat, while white garage doors soak up only 20-30%. Installing an insulated door helps protect your garage space from intense heat accumulation.
  • Neutral colors, like brown, gray, white, and cream, universally appeal to prospective home buyers.
  • Consider the garage door material. Wood grain’s intricate texture and rich character complement classic and contemporary architectural home styles. In contrast to wood, aluminum or steel garage doors are easier to maintain. They offer a modern look and are available in multiple textures. Steel and aluminum garage doors can be insulated with high-performance polyurethane that provides thermal-resistant values.


Garage Door Finish Options

Natural unfinished wood has a classic and rustic appearance but requires regular maintenance. Stained wood offers a more finished look, and also requires minimal maintenance.

Painted wood presents endless colorways to match any home’s color scheme. Steel is long-lasting and low-maintenance, but it may require repainting over time. Aluminum is a lightweight, rust-resistant, and low-maintenance material. Vinyl is ideal for coastal areas prone to salty air. Ultimately, your finish option depends on your style, maintenance preferences, and the weather in your area.


Amarr Garage Door Colors

Amarr garage doors are available in various colors, enhancing any home’s style and aesthetic appeal. They have over 20 color options, ranging from classic white and almond to bold shades of blue and green, including a Color Zone program that allows homeowners to choose a base color and up to three accent colors for a truly unique look.

Amarr also has a Color Match option for property owners looking to perfectly match their garage door to the exterior of their home. With so many options, Amarr steel and aluminum garage door colors can improve the overall visual look of any home.

These selected colors are standard for most but not all Amarr garage doors.


Clopay Garage Door Colors

Clopay Garage Doors offer innumerable colors and finishes to boost your home’s curb appeal and style. Select the perfect match for traditional, modern, or contemporary architecture from dozens of shades, hues, and color combinations. Some of the most popular color options from the Clopay include white, almond, sandstone, desert tan, terra bronze, ultra-grain oak finish, and black.

You can also pick from various textures and patterns, like wood grain, stucco, smooth, and ribbed. Clopay’s specialized paints and coatings ensure your garage door colors remain vibrant and durable for many years, resisting fading, chipping, and peeling. With Clopay Garage Doors, you can make a statement as you enjoy a high-quality garage door’s convenience, security, and reliability.


Garage Door Paint vs. Stain

Garage door stains and paint are both excellent options for updating the look of a dated garage door. Paint creates various colors and finishes while protecting the surface against moisture and weather damage. However, if the garage door is made of natural wood, some homeowners prefer a stain highlighting the wood grain’s beauty.

Stains also provide UV protection, hindering the wood from drying and cracking. Choosing between painting and staining your garage door is a matter of practicality, durability, and aesthetics.


Can You Paint a Garage Door Once It’s Installed?

Yes. With a bit of preparation, painting an already-installed garage door is the most effective way to give it an updated look. To begin, select a paint specifically formulated for your garage door material to ensure proper adhesion and to prevent paint from chipping or peeling over time. Secondly, clean the garage door thoroughly before painting to remove dirt or grime. Finally, apply the finish with a high-quality brush, roller, or spray gun for a smooth and even finish.



Always think about the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Do you want your garage door to blend in or a pop of color that draws interest and makes a bold statement? Will color guidelines from your homeowner’s association (HOA) influence your garage door paint selection? With these factors in mind, you can pick the perfect color and amplify your home’s overall look and value while at it. Contact us at 817-500-5988 for a quote or questions about paint color and pricing. Our friendly team is here to help.

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