What’s the Cheapest Material for a Garage Door Replacement?

If you’re looking to replace your garage door, you probably want to know how much it’s going to cost. The truth is, garage door prices vary from $750 to $10,000+. Design, size, shape and material impact the price of a new garage door.

If your budget is tight, then you’re probably looking for the cheapest option available. But what does “cheap” mean for a garage door?

At Doorvana, our goal is to empower you with information to make a good decision. We take time to advise and educate you on every aspect of garage door replacement.

Continue reading to see how we break down the “cheapest” option for a garage door. By the end of this article, you’ll know the cheapest garage door material and construction and what to consider to determine if the cheapest door is the best option.

The cheapest garage door material

If you’re on a tight budget, a steel garage door is going to be the most cost-effective garage door material for your new garage door.

The Amarr Lincoln LI1000 8′ x 7′ steel garage door starts at $750, including installation.

cheap steel garage door
Amarr Lincoln LI1000

While steel is the cheapest garage door material, there are 4 different types of steel garage doors that vary in price and affect how much you’ll spend on a new garage door.

Single-layer construction is the cheapest of the 4 types of steel garage doors and is the best option for a tight budget. But they ding easily, lack insulation, and have limited design options.

Two and three-layer steel garage doors are popular because they include insulation and boast R-Values from 6.64 to 19.40.

Four layer steel doors are the most expensive type of steel garage door. Doors like the Amarr Carriage Court CC4000 can cost four to five times the price of an Amarr Lincoln 1000, but they’re more efficient, offer extra design options, and have a better paint and workmanship warranty. 

If price matters more than longevity or warranty coverage, a single or double layer steel garage door makes the most sense for your project. Keep in mind, Cost vs Value ranks garage door replacement at the top of their ROI projects. According to the report, the average garage door replacement project costs $3,907.

3 more things to consider when deciding which steel garage door is right for you

Steel garage doors are the cheapest option and single layer garage doors work if you’re on a tight budget. While cost matters, there are other things to think about before buying a new garage door.

1. How durable are steel garage doors

While some doors are cheaper than others, we recommend looking at how long you’ll be in your home to help budget. Consider the steel thickness, hardware, as well as operator to determine durability.

The biggest drawback to single layered steel garage doors is their susceptibility to dings and dents. Because there’s no inside layer to protect from rake and trashcan mishaps, any contact with the door can leave a permanent mark. This means you’ll have to be okay with a dented door or replace it sooner for cosmetic purposes.

2. Steel garage door design

Garage door windows are a common and desirable feature. They invite light in and boost curb appeal. However, windows aren’t compatible because they require two layers for support.

We also recommend avoiding cheap or low-end flush panel garage doors. Single panel garage doors made from 24/25 gauge steel get their strength from the stamps that raise the panels. Flush panel steel doors are flat steel, so they tend to get wavy and dent easily.

3. Steel garage door warranties

The single layer Amarr Lincoln LI1000 has a 15 year paint and 1 year material/workmanship warranty. This pales in comparison to the Limited Lifetime paint warranty and 3 year workmanship warranty for the 3 layer Lincoln LI3000 model.

Both doors are made from a heavy-duty steel exterior. The LI1000 and LI2000 are built with 25 gauge steel. The triple layer LI3000 is built with two layers of 27 gauge steel with polystyrene insulation.  While the single wall construction is made of slightly thicker steel, it lacks an interior layer protecting the door from mishaps.

We always include new tracks and hardware to ensure the maximum lifespan of your garage door. With proper maintenance and care, your garage door should outlast its warranty coverage.

Why not buy the cheapest garage door

Regardless of budget, we want to help you make the right choice for your home. Price is important, but so is longevity and your particular taste. Cheaper garage doors lack popular design options and have poor warranty coverage.

If you’re in DFW and need help choosing a garage door, please contact the Doorvana team to discuss products and pricing.


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