Garage Door Not Closing

garage door not closing

Is your garage door not closing? Perhaps you’ve scanned for items in the way and made sure the pathway is clear but your door still won’t close, so you’re wondering where to turn next.

At Doorvana, we’ve repaired countless garage doors and have dealt with all the different reasons your garage door won’t close. Read on to learn about the handful of reasons that might be your problem.

Garage door light blinking but not closing

99.99% of the time this is due to the safety eyes/sensors at the bottom of the door either being misaligned or bad.  Make sure both lights are on and not flickering.

Garage door clicking but not closing

If you hear a click but nothing happens it won’t open or close. It’s likely a bad operator component that will need to be replaced. It could be anything from just a receiver board or the main logic board.

Garage door not closing all the way

If the door goes up and down fine but just doesn’t close all the way, it’s most likely that it just needs the limits adjusted. You can refer to the owner’s manual for the how to’s depending on which model it is. Each model has its own process for setting the limits. 

Garage door beeping but not closing

If your garage door is beeping but not closing, it’s most likely a newer unit. This is the #1 sign for not being connected to power and the battery backup is running the unit and maybe getting low.  Check the IFGC on the nearest power receptacle.

Have to hold the button down to close my garage door

If you can close the door by holding down the button on the wall but not by pushing the button on the remote, you will need to check the sensor alignment because the operator will only allow you to close the door by holding down the wall button as an override to the sensors being bad or misaligned.

How much does it cost to get my garage door to close?

It could be as little as a basic ½ service call for 49.00 or you might require new sensors installed or springs replaced which on average run about 249.00 to have either replaced.

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