Garage Door Rollers: Types, Costs, and Maintenance

If you’re in the market for a new garage door taking time to learn about garage door rollers might pay off. Whether your garage door is noisy or opening slowly, rollers may be the culprit. We’ll cover the different types, common problems, and maintenance tips.


What are the different types of garage door rollers?

nylon vs steel rollers

Rollers are an important part of any garage door system. They help to keep the door aligned and allow it to move smoothly. Made from steel or nylon, rollers come in various diameters and lengths and are rated for different weights and door cycles.

Pro tip: A door cycle is one open and close operation.


Steel garage door rollers

Steel rollers are still available, but nylon rollers are now more common. Why? Rollers sit inside steel tracks, so the steel-on-steel movement is noisy. If your garage door shrieks during operation, you might have steel rollers.

Pro tip: All roller stems are steel.


Nylon garage door rollers

These are the most popular type of garage door rollers. They are durable, strong, and rust-resistant. Most importantly, nylon garage door rollers are quiet, making them a good choice for anyone who wants to avoid a shrieking garage door.

Pro tip: Nylon rollers come standard on our wood and Amarr garage doors.


Garage door rollers with ball bearings

Ball-bearing rollers are more expensive than non-bearing options, but they offer several advantages. Ball bearings reduce friction, making it easier for the door to open and close. They also tend to be quieter than non-bearing rollers, so if noise is a concern, they may be the better option.


Capped rollers

capped nylon garage door rollers

Most rollers have a concave depression in the middle of the wheel, exposing the bearings. Capped rollers prevent dust and debris from interfering with the bearings. These are the most expensive.


Cost to replace garage door rollers

Replacing your garage door rollers is a cost-effective way to keep your door running smoothly. Depending on the number and type of rollers you want, the cost to replace them is around $20 – $30. A five-section door has six pairs of rollers that will cost between $120 – $180 to replace. On a four-section door, you’ll have five pairs of rollers that cost between $100 – $150.


Tips for maintaining your garage door rollers

First, it is important to check them for wear and tear. If you see a broken or dented wheel, it is important to replace it immediately before the door slips off track. Keep an eye out for buildup on the wheels or debris in the track. Clearing and cleaning the debris will help prevent the rollers from working too hard. Finally, it is important to lubricate regularly. This will help to reduce friction and keep the rollers working smoothly. By following these simple tips, you can help to ensure that your garage door rollers last for many years.


Pro tip: White lithium grease is the best lubricant.


In closing

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