How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

New garage door torsion springs.

Garage door springs are arguably the most important part of your garage door system because they carry the door’s weight. Over time the parts of your garage door begin to wear down, and eventually, parts become damaged beyond repair or break. If you’re considering replacing your garage door spring, you’re probably wondering how long will your new springs last before they need to be replaced again. We’ll discuss that and more in this post.


Why Do Garage Door Springs Matter?

Garage door springs matter because they carry the weight of the door. Without the springs, automatic door openers don’t have the strength to lift the door open. As the balancing system for the door, the springs help the door opener smoothly raise and lower the door. Lifting the door is more difficult without the support of the springs, trying to open the door with the automatic opener can damage the motor. If you want to open the door manually, you’ll want help from a partner. Again, the door feels heavier without the springs. 


What Type of Springs Do I Need?

If you try to DIY your spring replacement, you’ll need to know which springs to order. There are two types of springs: extension springs and torsion springs. Newer garage doors operate with torsion spring systems. Older garages tend to have extension springs. 

Torsion springs are located on or in a shaft over the top of the garage door opening. Extension springs are always exposed and located near the door tracks on the left and right sides of the door opening. Springs come in a variety of sizes and lengths and with different ends. Ensure you order the right springs so your door is properly supported. For help ordering your garage door springs, contact a garage door company. Some companies sell parts and offer replacement services. 


How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

Garage door springs have a cycle life. The cycle life of a spring tells you how many times you’re likely to operate a spring before it gives out. Most springs last for 10,000 cycles or 7-10 years↗. Some last longer, and some last less. The cycle length can be shortened by choosing springs that are too weak for the door, they can also be worn out from stress caused by other parts of the door. 

Average Cycle Life Expectancy of Springs

Based on our knowledge and reports from other garage door experts online the information below may give you an idea of how long springs should last.

  • Standard Cycle Springs: 10,000 cycles
  • High Cycle Springs: 25,000 cycles
  • Highest Cycle Springs: 50,000 cycles

New Springs Broke?

New springs rarely break within a year. If the springs break, they may be old, defective, or they were not installed properly. Make sure to purchase your springs from a reputable company that can provide a warranty and quality installation. 


Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

Garage door springs typically break because of age, rust, or carrying too much pressure or tension.

The most common reason garage door springs break is because of age— simple wear and tear. Remember, a spring’s life is limited; eventually, the time comes for it to be replaced. Before buying your springs, talk to a pro, make sure you’re ordering the right ones and ask about springs with extended life cycles. 

The second reason garage door springs break is because of rust. Help extend the life of your springs by keeping them properly lubricated. 

The final reason springs break is that there is too much pressure on them. That’s why it’s important to choose springs designed to carry your door’s weight. If you have a torsion system with one spring, you can consider adding a second spring if one fails. At least with two springs, when one fails, the second is there to reduce the impact of a break.


When Should I Replace My Garage Door Springs?

Replace your garage door springs before they break. Inspect the condition of your springs and the entire door system regularly. When the springs show signs of wear, schedule an inspection to determine if it’s time to replace them. Garage door companies also offer tune-up services, and you can schedule annual tune-ups to get the most out of your doors and to catch problems before they turn into disasters. 


Is It Safe to Replace My Garage Door Springs on My Own?

Replacing garage door springs can be extremely dangerous, especially if you’ve never done this repair. Remember, springs hold tension. If the spring breaks while holding tension, it could fly off its cable and hit a person resulting in major injuries or worse.

We do not recommend attempting to repair or replace your garage door springs.


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For Help Replacing Your Springs in Dallas or Fort Worth, Contact a Pro

These repairs should be completed by a professional. Schedule an inspection or replacement service with a trusted garage door company. 

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