How to Frame a Garage Door

Interior view of garage doors with arrow pointing to door framing or door padding.

Are you getting ready to install a new garage door? Before installing that door, you’ll want to ensure the opening is framed properly where the door will anchor to the wall.

If you are installing your own garage door, always refer to your manual. The framing tips in this post are for residential garage door openings.

Interior view of garage doors with door padding or framing.

What are standard garage door sizes?

Typically, you’ll find garage doors 8’, 9’-10’-12’-14’-16’-17’, and 18’ wide and 7’, 8′, or 9′ in height. Learn more about standard garage door sizes by checking out our post on Standard Garage Door Sizes Explained

What should the width and height of your garage opening be?

If you need to reframe the jambs, remember the finished opening should be no wider and no higher than the width and height of your door. Making it just slightly smaller—about a quarter inch—should be alright, too. The jamb depth will ideally extend past the foundation block using a 2×8 or wider, depending on the block. 

How to Frame a Garage Door Opening

These are not instructions on how to build a header and frame the garage portal. Those instructions have additional structural considerations depending on how many stories your house is.

When you’re framing the garage door opening for a new garage door, what you are doing is giving the door something to anchor onto. This is sometimes called the H-padding or goal posting. You’ll need some 2x4s for the sides and the header, as well as a 2×6 for the center board, also referred to as the springboard. 

Take a look at the illustration below. You’ll see how this framing got its nickname. 

Illustration of the interior view of a garage door with orange lines showing where the framing looks like a goal post.

Framing the Opening

To frame the opening, install a 2×4 on each side of the opening. The 2x4s can be secured with nails. These posts should extend past the header—the header is at least 12”. 

Next, install a 2×4 across the header, between the two side posts. 

Finally, find the center of the garage door opening. Here, you’ll install a 2×6 from the top of the 2×4 you installed across the header to the ceiling. 

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