How to Prepare For a New Garage Door Installation

Professional worker installing garage doors.

Deciding to purchase a new garage door is a big deal. The garage door is one of the biggest features of your home, especially if it’s a front-facing door. So when the day arrives to replace your door it’s exciting and you’ll want it to go smoothly so you can enjoy the look and security the door will provide for the garage. Avoid delays in the installation process by being prepared for installation day. We’ll tell you how to prepare in this post.

How to Prepare for a New Garage Door Installation Service in DFW

Your garage door technician should give you notice before arriving for installation. Make sure to follow any instructions they provide so that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Most instructions are about keeping the area clear so the installers have plenty of room to work safely and efficiently.

  1. Confirm there is an accessible power source for the opener
  2. Be available
  3. Keep children and pets away from the installation site
  4. Remove all the vehicles from the garage
  5. Clear other boxes and items from the work area
  6. Know where you want wall consoles, keypads, and wall pads installed
  7. Make a list of questions for the installer

Confirm there is an accessible power source for the opener

The first few steps are more vigilance than work. If your door is being installed in an existing home it likely has a power source, just make sure that it works. If the power source does not work or the door is being installed in a new garage make sure an electrician has come out and power is available in the garage near the opener motor’s location.

Be available

Be available in person or by phone for the technician. The technician may not need anything from you but they should be able to reach you in case any questions come up during the installation process. 

Keep children and pets away

Most importantly keep your children and pets away from the installation site. Kids and pets are precious, we want to avoid accidents so please keep them inside and away from where technicians are working, Treat it like a construction site, that’s what it is.

Remove all vehicles from the garage

Remove any parked vehicles from the garage and driveway. The installers will need this space for the door and any equipment they have with them. If you have a wide driveway move the cars to an area away from in front of the door opening, if it’s a narrow driveway please park the cars on the street. 

Clear other boxes and items from the work area

The installers will need most of the area in the garage clear, especially if this is a full installation with new tracks, cables, and opener.  Clear away any shelving that would obstruct the installation of the tracks, remove tools, boxes, bikes, and toys. Also, remove anything of value that could be damaged or broken if something falls or is knocked into it. 

Know where you want consoles to be installed

Before the installers arrive, decide where the wireless keypads or consoles will be installed. Think of how you move through the garage and where these tools need to be accessible. Wall consoles are usually next to the man door and keypads are usually outside the garage door. If you won’t be in the home to speak with the installers you can use sticky notes or markers to mark where you want them. 

Make a list of questions for the installer

If you have any remaining questions have them ready. Your questions are important and you should try to get them answered before your installer begins or before they leave. You can always call your garage door company later but you’ll feel better if you have any doubts resolved sooner. Something you may want to ask about is installation and product warranties. 

Is Installation a Garage Door Difficult?

Installing a garage door is much more complicated than installing a regular hinged door on your house. Garage door installations require at least two people, several tools, patience, and care. There are many parts to a garage door system and each needs to be handled carefully to avoid operational problems as well as accidents.

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How Long Does it Take a Professional to Install a Garage Door?

The length of the installation depends on how many doors are being installed and their size. A 16-foot door can typically be installed by professionals in about three to four hours. 

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