The Scoop on Full-View Garage Doors: Costs & Options, Pros & Cons

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Upgrading your garage door is a great way to add value to your property and improve curb appeal. There are 8 different types of garage doors available, but one of the most popular options is the full-view garage door. If you have just started shopping, you may wonder how much to budget. Keep reading for an overview of the cost of full-view garage doors and describe the pros and cons.


Is replacing your garage door even worth it?

We surely think so, but we’re a little biased. Did you know replacing your garage door is the best return for your home improvement dollars? According to Remodeling, you’ll likely recoup 93.3% of any money spent on your garage door. That return trumps kitchen remodels, replacement windows, and even a bath redesign. For readers near Dallas Fort Worth, check out the latest local remodeling guide.

If your mind is made up and you’re shopping for a door to complement your modern aesthetic, we hope this article helps. Our guidance applies to building a new home or remodeling your existing house.


What is a full-view garage door?

Sometimes called an all-glass or see-through garage door, these modern doors have full glass panels and a narrow frame to allow natural light to flood into your garage. Compared to traditional garage doors with closed sections of wood or steel, full-view doors provide a modern look and feel.

types of garage doors


What about materials?

Aluminum and glass are the most common building materials, which is why these doors are often found in contemporary homes. You can buy a steel garage door with full-view glass inserts, but it does not have the same modern cache. The steel gauge isn’t as strong as the aluminum frames, leading to a full-view door that looks forced. Want pictures? We have them below.

Flush vs. Vista garage door


Pros and cons

Often the best way to compare options is to look at the pros and cons of each choice. Full-view garage doors have their perks, but they also can have their downsides. Let’s take a quick look at each.


Virtually maintenance free

We say low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean none. All garage doors, no matter the type, will need some effort to maintain. Maintenance consists of annual tune-ups and rinsing of the exterior to remove excess dirt and grime.



Some homeowners will install a full-view garage door as a back patio door to have wide-open views. Have a game room in the basement that opens to a patio? A full-view aluminum door would be a great transition. We have installed aluminum glass garage doors in restaurants to serve as partitions. An overhead door with glass sections is a great way to transition from indoor and outdoor spaces.


Smooth surface

Unlike steel or wood garage doors, most full-view aluminum frames are smooth. The smooth aluminum frame provides durability and corrosion resistance.



Want to transform your garage into a bright, open, and inviting room? Opt for lots of glass in your garage door. If privacy is a concern, choose an opaque glass to allow light in but keep out prying eyes.



Not customizable

You can expect every full-view garage door to have the same basic structure. The manufacturer standardizes the sections and number of panels.  If you have a specific design in mind for your garage door and can’t find it on the manufacturer’s website, you may need to look at a wood garage door. Custom wood garage doors offer chevron patterns, arched tops, and more.


Not insulated

You can opt for insulated glass with a Low E coating to help heat transfer, but the door does not include insulation. Adding polystyrene or polyurethane insulation isn’t an option because of the frame construction. Insulated steel and wood garage doors provide a better R-value and are more efficient. Most homeowners don’t buy these types of doors for energy efficiency.


Not a fit for every home style

Glass expanses and shiny metal make sense for ultra-modern homes but not so for traditional styles. Some HOAs may not sign off if you live in a traditional neighborhood but want to modernize your home with a curb-facing contemporary garage door.


May not be as affordable as other options

Traditional steel garage doors are the most affordable. Certain wood garage doors come in second, followed by full-view doors. Of course, there are always exceptions, but if you’re wondering, “are full-view garage doors more expensive” the answer is yes.


Cost of full-view garage doors

One of the most common questions we receive is “how much do full-view garage doors cost” and “are glass garage doors expensive?“. As with any door, how much you pay for a full-view aluminum door will depend on what you’re looking for. Do you want a standard dark bronze color? Is your garage opening large, say 20′ x 10′? Will you need tinted glass, or do you want tempered glass? How about a copper anodized finish? All of these things and more will play a role in how much your door costs.

It’s hard to give you a definite number without knowing what you want. Generally, homeowners invest anywhere from $5,000 – $20,000 for turn-key packages. By “turn-key,” we’re referring to a full-view door project from a local garage door company. For this price, a garage door opener, remote, and installation should be included.

For clarity, we built a price list of different garage door types to show the price differences. Prices exclude any additional parts or installation.

Prices of different garage door types

Product & SizeStylePrice Range
Amarr Lincoln - 10' x 8'Traditional$1,200 - $2,500+
Amarr Classica - 10' x 8'Carriage - Steel$2,800 - $7,000+
PES Wood - 10' x 8'Carriage - Wood$2,500 - $7,000+
Amarr Vista - 10' x 8'Full View$6,500 - 12,000+
Amarr Horizon - 10' x 8'Full View$10,000 +
Priced 10/19/2022Base options

What impacts the price?

Size is the most impactful element when pricing your garage door. A standard one-car garage door can range from 8′ to 10′ wide and 7′ to 9′ tall.  While a two-car opening ranges from 16′ to 20′ wide and 7′ to 9′ tall. We wrote a helpful article going into detail on door sizes. Take a look if you want more info on standard garage door sizes.

Besides size, frame finish/color and glass options can swing the door price to the extreme. Choosing a longer-lasting anodized finish can increase door costs by 50% compared to a powder-coated finish.  Frosted glass can increase the cost of your dream door by 30% or more.



You don’t buy a garage door often, so take your time to learn about the available options. By doing a bit of research, you’ll be able to confidently make a decision. If you need some support or have questions, we’d love to chat with you. Please call us at 817-500-5988 or contact us here. We’ve spent years learning about garage doors to help make it easy for you. Hope to talk soon.

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