Why Is Your Garage Door Opening By Itself?

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Have you recently pulled into the driveway to an open garage door? You’re not alone; this happens. Garage door systems have many moving components that need regular maintenance and upkeep. Without proper maintenance, these parts can open your garage door.

And that’s why we’re here today – to help you answer the question, “Why is my garage door opening by itself?” We’ll discuss all the parts of the door that can cause your garage door to open independently. At Doorvana, we offer turnkey garage door services, so we’ll break down what we encounter in the field.


Bad Weather

Extreme weather, from heavy rainfall to snow, can impact your garage door system. Operators are built with dozens of electrical components. Heavy rainfall or snow can hurt how well the parts work.


Bad Remote Control, Keypad, or Wall Opener

A malfunctioning remote control, wireless keypad, or wall opener is one of the most common culprits that cause a garage door to open. These accessories are usually powered by batteries that need to be replaced periodically. If the device has been damaged in some way or the batteries are drained, then it may be causing your garage door to open randomly. A technician can diagnose and resolve this issue with ease.


Identical Frequencies or Code From A Nearby Neighbor

Identical frequencies or codes from a nearby garage door can cause your door to open. This could cause interference in your signal, leading to your door opening on its own. This is very rare on new operators but could happen on units installed in the 90’s.


Debris and Buildup On The Tracks

Sometimes debris buildup on the tracks prevents your garage door from closing, which will cause it to open again without any input from you. This debris buildup could also prevent sensors from functioning, resulting in accidental openings of your garage door. Our technicians can inspect the track and remove any debris that might be causing interference with the proper functioning of your system.


Misaligned Safety Sensors

Safety sensors, found near the ground on both tracks, detect any obstacles that may block the path of the closing door. If they find an obstacle, they immediately stop and reverse the door. The safety sensors can be knocked offline by the recycling bin or kids playing in the garage.


Damaged Electrical Circuit in Operator/Damaged Control Wiring

Another potential cause for randomly opening an automatic garage door could be damaged electrical circuits within the operator or the control wiring connecting it to the motor unit. These issues require an expert technician who can diagnose and resolve these problems with an on-site inspection.

Depending on the age of your operator, it may make sense to replace the entire unit rather than rebuild an older piece of technology.


Limit Settings on Operator

Finally, another potential reason why an automatic garage door may be randomly opening without being prompted is incorrect limit settings on the operator itself. The limit settings tell your operator how far the door needs to travel to be closed.


In closing

If you still have questions or need garage door repair, please call us at 817-500-5988. Our team is standing by to help with a garage door that opens independently.

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