Beadboard Garage Doors: A Helpful Guide

white bead board short panel garage door by amarr

Looking for a new garage door that will give your home an instant facelift? While there are a lot of garage door panel styles and designs to choose from, beadboard garage doors are one of the most popular. Bead board adds character and charm to your home, whether used for wall paneling in your kitchen or garage door. We’ll share the different bead board designs available from leading garage door manufacturer Amarr. Also, we’ll answer some common questions about panel configurations,

Are there different types of bead board garage door designs?

Yes. There are two distinct garage door panel bead board designs: short-panel and long-panel. The difference lies in the number of panels per section. The pattern is the same for both but one will have longer and more panels per section.

Short panel bead board garage doors

short panel bead board garage door

Short panel bead board, or SPBB in trade lingo, refers to smaller panels with a vertical bead board pattern. The number of panels depends on your garage door width. Typically, 8′ – 10′ wide garage doors will have four small panels per section. 8 panels are found on 16′ – 18′ wide and 10 panels are common on 20′ wide garage doors.

Long panel bead board garage doors

long panel bead board garage door design

Long-panel bead board, or LPBB, refers to wider panels with a bead board pattern. If you’re looking for the most pattern coverage on your garage door, then choose the LPBB design. There are two panels on an 8′ door, compared to four for the SPBB design. For a standard two-car garage measuring 16′ – 18′ wide, you’ll have four panels.

Designer beadboard panel garage doors

decorative bead board panel garage door designs

The Amarr Classica steel garage door series offers designer panel designs. By offering Z, X, and arched styling, Amarr adds a layer of trim on top of the beadboard, adding depth, and creating a more custom-looking garage door.

What are the window options with beadboard garage doors?

Like other garage doors, your glass options on beadboard panel designs are straightforward. You can add glass, select color window inserts, or choose a distinct window shape to reflect your personal style. The most common location of a window insert is in the top section of your garage door.

What Amarr steel garage doors come with beadboard panel designs?

Amarr offers four steel garage doors that come in SPBB, LPBB, and decorative beadboard panels. These models are built in an authentic Carriage House Style.

Sorted by price, from lowest to highest.

Are they more expensive?

Yes. Across the board, beadboard garage door panel designs increase the cost of your garage door. How much depends on the specific make and model, but a 3 – 7% increase should be expected. If you’re a homeowner looking to increase your home’s curb appeal, don’t let price keep you from getting the custom garage door you want.

Do they come in different colors?

Companies like Amarr and Clopay offer standard garage door colors like white, tan, black, and usually a few wood-grain finishes. Each series will have its own color palette, along with a partner to offer custom colors. Amarr partnered with Sherwin Williams to offer more than 800 factory-applied colors to their steel garage doors.

If you’re remodeling and opt to replace the soffit and fascia, we might recommend buying a white door and painting it at the same time as your trim. Our homebuilder clients use this approach to match the finishes as closely as possible.

Are they considered farmhouse, colonial, or craftsman style?

Yes. There are a lot of different interpretations in response to this question. Our recommendation is to choose garage door panels that you like and want to come home to day in and day out.

Should I buy a garage door with beadboard panels?

We love the texture and depth you get compared to traditional raised-panel garage door designs. But, like all parts of your home, you have complete control over what you want. If you decide to opt for a chevron garage door or a farmhouse garage door with glass, you’re making the right choice. Do what makes you happy and proud of your home.

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