Garage Door Sizes

Looking for a new garage door? Make sure to order the correct size garage door for your project. While there are standard garage door sizes you may also consider custom garage door sizes. For new construction projects you may be interested in custom size doors to accommodate larger SUVs, boats, long-bed trucks, RVs and more. Similar considerations are involved in replacement garage door projects.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Photo of Amarr Oak Summit garage doors

There may be differences in standard sizes depending on where you live, most homes have a single or double garage door.

Standard Single Garage Door Measurements

  • 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall
  • 9 feet wide  by 7 feet tall

Standard Double Garage Door Measurement

  • 16 feet wide by 7 feet tall

Many garage doors can be manufactured in sizes over 7 feet tall, in fact, many are available in 8-, 10-, and 12-foot heights. For taller doors, discuss your options with your local garage door retailer. Located in North Texas? Give Doorvana a call to discuss your garage door options.

How to Measure for a New Garage Door

To order your door you’ll need to grab a few measurements. 

  1. Start with the width and height of the rough opening. 
  2. Measure the areas to the left and right of the rough opening. The amount of space you have here can limit your options for extension or torsion spring systems.
  3. Measure the distance between the top of the door opening and the ceiling. Like the side measure, the headroom measure can limit your options. 
  4. Measure the backroom, this is the distance between the garage door opening to the back wall of the garage. 

Single Garage Door vs Double Garage Door

Side-by-side photos of Amar Classica (left) garage doors and Amarr Stratford (right) garage doors.

Choosing between single and double garage doors? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. The cost of two single doors is often similar to the cost of one double door
  2. Multiple single garage doors means you’ll need multiple garage door openers and more maintenance
  3. Smaller doors can reduce the flow of air into the garage, making for better energy performance

The size of your garage door opening will help you narrow down your options. Multiple single doors work well in a wider garage or as an addition to a large garage that already has a double door. A standard double door works will work well on a smaller garage or for a garage that needs to house an oversized vehicle. 

You can discuss your options with a contractor or garage door expert near you. 

Garage Door Size Considerations

Deciding on a door size for your replacement or new garage door isn’t just about size. Consider weight, building code requirements, and how the door will look in relation to the overall look of your house. When buying garage doors keep in mind that larger doors will weigh more and require a track, hardware, and opener that can support the weight of the door in motion.

Contact Doorvana to Discuss Garage Door Sizes

To get a better sense of which garage door manufacturers will meet your needs contact your local garage door experts. Homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can contact our team at Doorvana online or by phone to discuss garage door options, sizes, and pricing.

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