What Gauge Steel Are Amarr Garage Doors?

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The gauge of steel used in Amarr garage doors is a critical factor in determining the strength and durability of the door. In this blog post, we will rank the different steel thicknesses used by Amarr, from strongest to weakest. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, but should give you a general idea of the relative strengths of each gauge.


How are steel garage doors made?

Steel garage doors are built from sheet metal that is cut and pressed into forms. These forms give the sections distinct characteristics like raised panels, long panels, or beadboard panels.

A non-insulated garage door will have a single layer of steel. Adding insulation requires more layers of steel. An insulated garage door may have two or three layers, and possibly more. Insulation in the form of polystyrene foam boards or polyurethane spray foam sits in between the steel layers. The interior of insulated garage doors is steel or vinyl-backed to hide and protect the door’s insulation.

Now that you know how steel doors are constructed, we’ll discuss the steel gauge number you want to look for when choosing a new garage door. The garage door steel thickness can be the difference between a builder-grade garage door and a quality garage door.

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Does the steel thickness of your garage door matter?

Yes. Steel thickness, measured in Gauge (ga) or Gauge (mm) refers to the measurement of steel being fed into the machine to shape and design your garage door. It matters because steel thickness is an indicator of the durability of your garage door.

Thicker steel is likely to hold up better to dents and dings from kids’ bikes and normal wear and tear over time. A steel garage door is going to be exposed to severe weather for years, and thicker gauge steel should keep it from warping from the changing elements. In Texas, we can have 40+ days of 100+ degree days, so the additional strength can extend the life of your steel garage door.


Is the garage door thickness the same as the gauge?

No. How thick a garage door is based on how thick a garage door is at its widest point. A three-layer garage door can be the same thickness, as a single layer. In fact, Amarr garage doors are 2″ thick except for the DC3138 and OL3138.


Does steel thickness affect the noise level?

If you’re shopping for a new door to reduce your noise level, insulation and construction layers are better indicators of noise reduction than steel thickness. Both polystyrene insulation and polyurethane insulation can impact the noise level inside your garage and home. For more information surrounding the benefits of insulation, please visit the Insulation Institute. Construction layers are better indicators of noise reduction because they indicate the quantity and type of material sounds must travel through. However, residential garage doors do not typically have STC ratings. Rather, insulated garage doors do report on R-Values,


Which is thicker 24, 25, or 27-gauge steel?

A lower steel gauge means the door panels are made from thicker steel. 24 gauge steel is thicker than 25 gauge steel and so on. 27 gauge steel is the lowest-rated gauge used in Amarr’s garage doors. We reference Amarr because they’re the most trusted garage door brand known for quality garage doors and durability.

A residential garage door can span up to 20′ wide, so the integrity of the steel needs to meet a minimum standard. We highly recommend homeowners with a two-car garage door opt for at least 25 gauge garage doors to ensure their garage door doesn’t get wavy over time. The term oil-canning is often used in metal roofing but this can also happen to steel residential doors.


Amarr Garage Door Steel Gauge Ratings

Amarr offers a handful of garage door series that range from 24 gauge to 27 gauge. The strongest is 24 ga steel, followed by 25 ga and 27 ga. 26 gauge is missing from their product catalog and we don’t have the answer why.

Amarr identifies its product by the first two letters of a series and uses 1000, 2000, or 3000 to identify the number of construction layers. For example, the Amarr Classica CL1000 is a single-layer door with a garage door thickness of 2″ and 24 ga thick.

24 Gauge Steel Amarr Garage Doors

26 Gauge Amarr Garage Doors

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25 Gauge Steel Amarr Garage Doors

27 Gauge Steel Amarr Garage Doors

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Closing Thoughts

Now that you know how steel gage affects the quality of your garage door, you can make an informed decision about which Amarr garage door is best for you. In addition to Amarr garage doors, we also offer garage door repairs like spring replacements, new openers, and censor adjustments. If you’re in DFW have any questions or would like more information, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

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