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We Replace Broken Garage Door Hinges On Your Schedule

Here are some reasons you can trust us to replace your broken garage door hinge.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing

Our upfront, no-obligation garage door service quotes are designed to give you a transparent view into your garage door’s repair costs.

First Class Service

We’re proud to offer some of the best customer service in the business. From scheduling to general questions, we’ve got your back.

Doorvana Guarantee

Our repairs are backed by our Doorvana Guarantee to provide peace of mind.

How garage door hinge replacement works

We make replacing broken garage door hinges quick and easy.

Schedule A Free Diagnostic

Your service advisor will help find a time that works for you.

Get Your Free Replacement Hinge Quote

Once on site, our tech will diagnose your garage door problems and quote the repairs from a fixed price list.

We Service Your Opener

If approved, our tech will start working to replace your broken hinges right away.

Garage Door Hinge Replacement Pricing

Average Job Cost

$25 + General Labor

Per Hinge

The average cost to replace a broken hinge is $174, $25 for the hinge and $149 for a general labor fee. Pricing may vary based on the number of hinges you replace and which ones they are. At Doorvana, we will do our best to repair your opener with available parts.

When evaluating the cost to service your garage door opener, you may want to consider:

  • Age of existing hinges
  • Hinge location and gauge

Choose the right garage door hinge replacement option for you.

It's important to be aware of your broken hinge replacement options and how the garage door repair company will affect the pricing. At Doorvana, we have minimal overhead and use technology to drive down our operational costs to provide more affordable garage door repairs than other companies.

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Garage Door Hinge Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

What is a garage door hinge?

Garage door hinges are used to connect the garage door sections together. Along with the rollers, hinges allow the door so operate up and down.

How do you know when your broken garage door hinge needs to be serviced?

You can check for the signs when your hinge needs to be serviced.

  1. Look for a crack or break in the hinge
Why do garage door hinges break?

Over time and use, sometimes hinges weaken and eventually break.

Why should you replace a broken hinge?

As an integral part of your garage door’s operation, it’s key to replace broken hinges, no matter where they’re located. If a hinge isn’t replaced, it can throw your garage door out of balance leading to issues with cables or your operator.

Can you replace garage door hinges yourself?

Always check your operator’s manual for detailed instructions on how to replace hardware. Replacing garage door hinges can be a DIY project if you’re familiar with power tools, screws, and hinges.

Is it safe to open or close your garage door with broken hinges?

It’s not ideal. Garage doors, openers, and springs are calibrated to work in unison to open and close your garage door. If one hinge stops pulling its weight, it could strain the other hinges, leading to more damage.

Why Doorvana?


Our services are based on a fixed price list, so you're never going to pay more than your neighbor for the same repair.


Schedule, approve, and pay for services with the touch of a button. Ain’t technology grand?


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