Amarr Traditional Garage Door Reviews

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In the market for an Amarr Traditional Garage Door and need feedback on which one to choose? When it comes to garage door reviews, we’ve got you covered. 

Whether it’s Lincoln, Olympus or Heritage garage doors, here’s a selection of reviews, ratings, and specs- along with a buying guide to help you pick the best garage door for you. We also include a summary of what to expect so we can help you decide even better on your favorite style of Amarr traditional garage door. 

Amarr Lincoln Garage Door Review 

one car garage door by amarr

The Amarr Lincoln is a traditional classic. Coming in 21 decorative window options, these steel garage doors feature conventional hardware and competitive prices. In timeless colors like almond, white, tan, gray, and hunter green, these garage doors have short panel, long panel, flushed, and ribbed options to give homeowners a variety of door-buying options. Here are more details on the Lincoln garage door below.


Ratings (Amarr): 4.7 stars (776 reviews)
Ratings (SamsClub): 4.8 stars (13 reviews) 
Featured Review (SamsClub): “Very happy with this door purchase! We needed a 16′ x 8′ door with windows, which was harder to find than the more common 16′ x 7′ door. The delivery guy was courteous and helpful. All the hardware needed was included. We were able to use our original tracks without having to remove them and install the new tracks which were included in the shipment. A previous review mentioned the hardware is cheap, but our installer (my son) said, “Of course the hardware isn’t going to be as heavy as the original hardware from the 70’s, but the hardware included is perfectly fine.” Our old door was heavy wood which needed to be painted every few years. This door will never need painting. Yay! The new door is much lighter and quiet while at the same time much more energy efficient. I would highly recommend this door.”
Featured Review 2 (Amarr): “My new Lincoln LI3000 is the smoothest operating and quietest door I have ever owned. It was installed by Garage Door Doctors, and was up and operational in less than 5 hours. They also took the old door away. Now I am not the only one in my family that can open the garage door.”
Construction Details: Choose from single, double, or triple-layer steel construction with a heavy-duty steel exterior that is durable, reliable, and low maintenance. Built with 2″ thick steel doors and 25 or 27 gauge steel.
Garage Door Panel Designs: Short Panel, Long Panel, Flush Panel, Ribbed Panel
Garage Door Window Options: Clear, Mosaic, Stockton, Prairie, and 12 others
Garage Door Colors: True White, Almond, Wicker Tan, Sandstone, Terratone, Hunter Green, Gray, Charcoal Gray, Dark Brown, Black
Custom Colors: Over 700 paint colors available from Sherwin Williams
Garage Door Woodgrain Options: Golden Oak, Walnut, Mahogany
Amarr Lincoln Brochure
LI1000, LI2000, LI3138/LI3000
R-Value Range: 6.48-9.05
Insulation: Polystyrene available
Door Thickness: 2”
Paint Finish Warranty: 15 Years – Lifetime depending on series
Workmanship Hardware Warranty: 1 Year – 3 Years depending on series


Amarr Olympus Garage Door Review 

two one car garage doors by amarr

Outfitted with triple-layer construction and R values of 13.35-19.40, Olympus garage doors feature quiet door operation, mosaic windows and the maximum in energy efficiency. With 24 styles of window options and over 800 factory colors, this popular option from Amarr makes it the perfect fit for anyone looking for an all-purpose, traditional steel garage door for during temperature-changing winters and summers.


Ratings (Amarr): 4.7 (444 reviews)
Featured Review: “Looks great/No problems/Insulates well. My Amarr door is the best home improvement investment I’ve made. I spend a lot of time working in my garage and the door that came with my house looked okay, but it let in wind, cold and heat. This garage door insulates well, looks great and has been reliable for years.”
Featured Review 2: “Let the sun shine in! Just had my door installed on my b-day, what an awesome door so well built, strong, looks nice, makes the ol garage look fresh! Operates so smoothly and is so quiet it’s unbelievable. Hate to say it but can’t wait for winter. Overall door build, install etc went without fail, ordered top panel with frosted glass, double pain, R19 insulated steel panel heavy construction, My garage has been refreshed!”
Construction Details: Features triple-layer steel construction plus an extra layer of steel for a finished interior and extra durability. Has R-values up to 19.40 for high-level insulation and energy efficiency.
Garage Door Panel Designs: Short Panel, Long Panel, and Flush Panel
Garage Door Window Options: Cathedral, Wagon Wheel, Sunray and over 21 more different window layouts with the option to design your own
Garage Door Colors: True White, Almond, Sandstone, Dark Brown, Black, Wicker Tan 
Custom Colors: Over 800 factory-applied colors available. See Amarr Color Zone for more details.
Garage Door Woodgrain Options: Walnut and Mahogany
Amarr Olympus Brochure
Series: OL3138/OL3200 
R-Value Range: 13.35-19.40
Insulation: Polyurethane
Door Thickness: 1-3/8″ – 2″
Paint Finish Warranty: Lifetime guarantee
Workmanship Hardware Warranty: 5 years or Lifetime depending on the series


Amarr Heritage Garage Door Review 

wood grain single car garage door by amarr

The Heritage Garage Door Collection by Amarr offers reliable steel garages in both traditional and carriage house designs. These come with a 2” door thickness and are designed to reduce the risk of hand injuries, making them the perfect ‘pinch-proof’ door. Their 24-gauge steel is the thickest available for residential doors, and the style comes in numerous choices of window and color options. Read on for Heritage reviews and specs.


Ratings (Amarr): 4.8 (988 reviews)
Featured Review: “High quality door at a reasonable price! We installed this door in 2012 and have been impressed by the quality of the door & looks great 3 years later (like new). The price was very competitive too! We just painted the house and garage door and it took the paint well all looks good! When you install it I would recommend that you check the seal that they install at the bottom of the garage door as I did not notice but it was deformed and while it is still providing a positive seal there was crease along the edge along some of the seal that I’m sure eventually it will cause premature failure. I had some service done and the installer basically said I have to pay for a new seal at this point if I wanted to change it out. Recently and unfortunately our left spring just broke and we filed a warranty claim to hopefully have the quoted $115 installation charge covered. The warranty pdf for the H-3000 was not clear whether the lifetime warranty covers parts as and labor or if they will replace both springs as their fans suggest.” 
Featured Review 2: “Never thought I’d love a garage door. My new Amarr garage door is way more than just an ordinary garage door. The wall mounted controller also shows me what time it is & inside temperature, which is always lower than outside in the summer cause the door is insulated. I suspect it’ll be warmer inside my garage in the winter. A camera in the motor shows me anyone who opens the garage. My garage door is great looking. Last, but not least, it was far less expensive than I expected. What’s not to like?”
Construction Details: Uses heavy-duty 24-gauge steel, the thickest for residential operation, with R-value of 6.64 and optional polystyrene installation that lifts the R-value to 9.05. Durable
Garage Door Panel Designs: Short panel, long panel, flushed panel, ribbed panel and multiple carriage house panels available
Garage Door Window Options: 5 options including Closed FL, Clear SP, Clear LP and Mosaic SP
Garage Door Colors: True White, Almond, Sandtone, Dark Brown and Black 
Custom Colors: Over 800 factory-applied colors available from Sherwin Williams
Garage Door Woodgrain Options: Walnut, Golden Oak and Mahogany
Amarr Heritage Brochure
Series: HR1000, HR2000, HR3000
R-Value Range: 0-9.05 depending on the series
Insulation: Polystyrene in series HR2000 and HR3000
Door Thickness: 2″
Paint Finish Warranty: Lifetime
Workmanship Hardware Warranty: 3, 5, or Lifetime warranty based on the series 

Amarr Garage Door Buying Guide

Traditional style garage doors from Amarr are a great choice for your home. If you need more info before choosing, please consult some of our helpful garage door resources below.

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