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Flush panel garage doors are a popular option that adds a unique and sophisticated look to your home. These garage doors have gained in popularity as mixed exterior materials and transitional home styles have taken over North Texas. If you’re shopping for a new garage door and are considering flush panels, keep reading to see what we have to say about them.


What is a Flush Panel Garage Door?

As the name suggests, the flush panel garage doors have no raised or recessed panels in their design. They are commonly known as slab doors and are often incorporated into contemporary home styles, but more recently, they’re becoming an excellent choice for traditional homes. The simple garage door design makes a statement without being too bold.


Who Makes Good Flush Panel Garage Doors?

Amarr, C.H.I. Overhead Doors and Wayne Dalton are three manufacturers that make them.


Amarr Classica Flush

Amarr’s flush panel garage door complements any modern home style with its sleek design. The door has three-panel sections and offers polyurethane insulation for increased energy efficiency and quiet operation. Multiple design options are available, including windows, colors, and glass types, to ensure the garage door fits your unique needs.


C.H.I.’s Skyline Flush

C.H.I.’s flush panel garage doors feature clean lines and a geometric silhouette that elevate any home’s style. The door features four panels and can be customized to fit your design tastes. You can choose from 13 standard and Accents woodtones colors and three window options featuring six glass choices.


Wayne Dalton’s Flush Wood Garage Doors

These garage doors are categorized in Wayne Dalton’s 40 Series and use high-quality, kiln-dried Western woods with a polystyrene core. Wayne Dalton’s doors’ various windows, accents, and styles ensure it complements contemporary and traditional exteriors. You can customize the four-panel garage door design to personalize your residential garage.


Flush Panel Garage Doors FAQs

When purchasing a new garage door, buyers often have many questions. Below, we’ve compiled a list of common questions so you can feel confident in your purchase decision.


Can You Get Glass?

Yes, most garage door manufacturers offer window options in their doors. You can choose solid, flat panels or add glass windows to let natural light into your garage.


Can You Paint Them?

While there are many color options when purchasing a flush panel garage door, you can paint it if the color becomes faded or you decide it’s time for a color change. The smooth, flush design can make painting easier than typical panel garage doors. It’s important to always use quality paint and completely clean the door to remove dust and debris before painting.


Are They Smooth or Textured?

Flush panel garage doors are flat and typically smooth. However, many garage door providers offer a woodgrain texture option for those seeking a textured look and feel for their flush panel garage door.


Do Flush Panel Garage Doors Require Much Maintenance?

While maintenance requirements will vary based on the garage door material, the smooth surface makes maintenance tasks much more manageable. Cleaning and caring for the flat panels is simple and quick, without any raised panels or recessed details.


Best Flush Panel Garage Door

As a top-rated garage door manufacturer, Amarr provides one of the industry’s best flush panel garage doors. Amarr’s Classica Flush features three tall panels that combine modern design with polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two steel layers for top-rated energy-efficient performance. Its sleek and elegant design is complementary to contemporary and traditional architectural style homes. It has an R-value rating of 13.35 and an appealing woodgrain texture.


Design Options for Amarr’s Classica Flush

You can choose from nine decorative window designs with four tempered glass options. There are eight standard color options or four wood accent color choices. For further customization, you can choose from over 800 Sherwin-Williams paint colors to perfectly match your home’s exterior trim.


How Much are Flush Panel Garage Doors?

Most flush panel garage doors cost the same as short raised or beadboard panels. For more garage door pricing info, read some of our other articles


Other Garage Door Styles

Flush panel garage doors are just one of the many door options available. Other garage door styles include:


Short Panel

Short-panel garage door designs feature multiple raised panels across each door section. Typically, four columns of raised rectangles are on short panel garage doors.


Long Panel

Long garage doors feature raised panels across each door section like short panel doors. Typically, long panel doors have two columns of raised rectangles.


Short Panel Bead Board

The short panel bead board garage door style provides a more textured look and often best complements traditional home styles. Similar to the short panel design, the short panel bead board typically features four columns of raised rectangular panels across each garage door panel. The only difference is that the raised rectangles have a classic beadboard look.


Long Panel Bead Board

Like above, long panel beadboard garage door styles provide a more textured look with a beadboard design that often complements traditional home styles. Like the long panel design, the long panel bead board typically features two columns of raised rectangular panels with the bead board design across each garage door panel.



Rather than having a raised design, recessed-style garage doors feature multiple recessed panels across each garage door panel. Typically, there are eight columns of indented squares on each door panel.



Our wood garage doors can be personalized to mimic any style.


In Conclusion

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