How to Program LiftMaster Remote Controls

Two garage door clickers. The one on the left is a LiftMaster clicker with one button, the clicker on the right is a LiftMaster with three buttons.

Are you ready to learn how to program your new garage door remote? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about programming your new LiftMaster remote control. 

Before You Begin

Understand that many garage door remotes follow similar steps for programming. The steps in this post are based on the instructions for two popular LiftMaster remotes—models 891LM & 893LM. 

LiftMaster remote 891LM is a single-button control, and remote 893LM is a 3-button control. 

Before you begin:

  • make sure your garage door is closed,
  • the light on the opener works,
  • and your remote is compatible with your garage door opener.

LiftMaster 891LM or 893LM garage door remote compatibility

Your LiftMaster 891LM or 893LM garage door remotes are compatible with Security+ 2.0® products—these have a yellow LEARN button. These include LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman door openers. If you’ve programmed a garage door remote, keypad, or read our guide on how to program a LiftMaster keyless entry you may be familiar with these systems. 

Garage Door Opener Manufacture YearLearn Button ColorFrequency CodeModel Numbers
2011-2021Yellow (Security+ 2.0)310, 315, 390 MHz87504-267, 87802, 84602, 84501, 85503-267, 8550WLB, 8360WLB, 8160WB, 8500W, WLED, 8550W, 8587W, 8557W, 8360W, 8355W, 8365W-267, 8160W, 8165W, 8155W, 8164W, 8365-267, 8160, 8165, 8155, 8065, 8010, 8550, 8587, 8557, 8360, 8355
2022+Yellow (Security+ 2.0)315 MHz8500, 8500C, 8500W, 8587W, 87504-267, 87802, 84602, 84501, 8365W-267, 8160WB, 8160W, 8165W, 8155W, 8164W, 98022, 85870, 83650-267, 81600, 81602, 81650, 81550, 81640, 84504R, 84505R

Your LiftMaster remote can be programmed with the LEARN button on the garage door opener and with some garage door control panels (multifunction control panel, motion detecting control panel, smart control panel with LCD screen, or single button control panel). 

How to Program LiftMaster Remote Controls with a Garage Door Opener

Programming your 891 or 893 garage remote takes just a few steps when connecting with the garage door opener. You’ll want to use a reliable ladder to locate the LEARN button on the opener.

  1. Locate the yellow LEARN button on the opener. The location can vary on different machines but typically if it’s not immediately visible it will be located behind the light lens. Release the light lens (the light cover) and you should then be able to see the yellow LEARN button.
  2. Press the yellow LEARN button. Once you press the button you’ll have about 30 seconds to program the remote.
  3. Press and hold the button you expect to use for opening the garage. Hold the button until the light on the opener blinks or you hear two clicks. 
  4. Test the programming by pressing the button you’ve connected to the opener. If the door opens you’re all set. If the door does not open, try these steps again. 

Not able to program the garage remote? If you’ve followed these instructions there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot. 

  1. Make sure nothing is obstructing the photoelectric sensors at the bottom of the door tracks.
  2. Confirm compatibility.
  3. Make sure the LOCK button is OFF.
  4. Try programming the remote again.
  5. You can try replacing the battery on the remote.
  6. There may be a short in the system (door control, door control wire, or receiver logic board).

How to Program LiftMaster Remote Controls with a Control Panel

Multi-function and motion-detecting door control panel with learn button

If your door has a wall control panel, lift the cover to locate the LEARN button and begin programming. This option is extremely convenient if you don’t have a ladder. 

  1. Press the LEARN button on the control panel. There is a small LED light on the panel that should flash once.
  2. Press the LEARN button again, the LED light will flash again.
  3. Press and hold the button you would like to program—the door opener light should blink or you should hear two clicks from the opener.
  4. To confirm the programming is accepted, test by pressing the button. If the door does not operate, attempt again.

Programming and opener with a door control with LCD screen

The control panel with LCD screen takes a few more navigational steps on the menu but is still an easy task.

  1. Press the menu button on the panel.
  2. Scroll down to the PROGRAM option by pressing the down arrow. When PROGRAM is highlighted, press the side arrow to select it.
  3. Next scroll to the REMOTE option, when REMOTE is highlighted press the side arrow.
  4. Now press the button on the remote that you would like to use to control the opener and then press the side arrow button again.

Programming and opener with a single button door control

Notice on the single button control panel you have the large button on the front, this controls your opener. On the side there is a smaller button that controls the light on your opener—you’ll need both of these buttons to program your remote.

  1. Press and hold the light button while pressing and releasing the front button. The light on the front button should blink then stay on. 
  2. Press and hold the button on your remote that you want to program. 
  3. When the opener accepts the programming it will make a clicking sound or the light on the opener will blink.

Programming Additional Garage Door Remote Buttons

If you have a three-button remote you set the other buttons to any more doors. You can also set the remote to turn on the light if you have a multi-functional door control. Follow the steps below to program your remote to the garage door opener lights.

  1. Close the garage door and stand near the control panel.
  2. Press and hold the unprogramed button on your remote while also pressing the LIGHT and LOCK buttons on the control panel. Wait for the lights on the door opener to flash.
  3. Once the light flashes you can release the buttons and test the operation.  

Resetting Your Garage Door Remote

If you want to reset your remote you’ll need to deactivate all previous programming on the door opener. To do this locate the LEARN button on your garage door opener. Then press and hold this button until the LEARN LED light turns off (this can take several seconds). Once the light goes out all previous programming should be erased and you can begin to program new or existing devices. 

Final LiftMaster Remote Tips

Remote controls offer convenience by making it easy to open your garage door by the click of a button. Your garage door remote control and keyless entry keypad combination allow you or guests easy access to your garage. Remember to keep keypad pins and your remote control secure. If your vehicle is on your driveway, keep your remote out of view especially if your garage is attached to your house. 

For a new garage door, repair, or replacement contact our team at Doorvana. We’re located in North Texas and are happy to help with your garage door needs. 

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