LiftMaster 98022 vs 8500W Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster discontinued the 8500W and 8500 jackshaft opener and replaced it with the 98022 in the summer of 2023. The differences are more cosmetic than anything.


What are the differences between the LiftMaster 98022 and 8500W jackshaft garage door opener?

In my opinion, the most significant difference is the look. The 98022 removed all red traces, is black and looks slightly sleeker. Both openers offer the same features and level of performance.

We built a handy table to distinguish between LiftMaster’s last two jackshafter openers.

LiftMaster 98022 overview, brochure, and manual

The LiftMaster 98022 Elite Series DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is an ideal choice for homeowners in the market for a reliable and convenient garage door solution. With its no cable tension monitor and sleek modern design, installation is fast and effortless, saving time and freeing up space in the garage. The door opens quickly and smoothly, even for large, heavy doors, and creates minimal noise and vibrations.

The Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener comes with remote LED lighting, allowing for full coverage in the home and garage and the capability of adding up to sixteen 827LM remote work lights. You won’t have to worry about lack of access in the case of power loss either — this product comes with a battery backup to ensure you can come and go easily.

LiftMaster 98022 installation pictures

Here are some recent job-site photos using the 98022 jackshaft operator. The 98022 creates a lot of overhead space between the garage door tracks.


The LiftMaster 98022 is a great update to their 8500W side mount jackshaft garage door opener. With an improved look in all-black, this innovative design will keep your garage door running smoothly and add a modern and sleek touch to your garage décor.

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