LiftMaster 8500 vs 8500W Garage Door Opener Differences

If you are shopping for a new garage door opener, you may wonder whether the LiftMaster 8500 or the LiftMaster 8500W is the better option. Both openers have a lot to offer, but there are some key differences to consider before deciding. In this article, we describe each opener and compare them in detail.

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Comparison chart

This handy comparison chart is how we train our team to answer the jackshaft opener questions.

FeatureLiftMaster 8500LiftMaster 8500W
Lifting Power650 lbs850 lbs
Integrated Battery BackupNoYes
Wall MountYesYes
Automatic Garage Door LockNoYes
Ultra-quiet OperationYesYes
Smartphone ControlNoYes
Motor WarrantyLifetimeLifetime
Per Second Upward7.6"8.5"
Per Second Downward7.6"7.6"
Headroom Clearance Required3" from center of torsion bar3" from center of torsion bar
Max Door Width18' (5.5 m)18' (5.5 m)
Max Door Height14' (4.3 m)14' (4.3 m)
Operating Range~200'~200'
Installation Warranty1 Year1 Year
Shipping Weight31 lbs38 lbs


Why consider a jackshaft garage door opener?

Quiet & less vibration

The 8500 & 8500W are wall-mount operators that sit to the side of the garage door. Wall mounts are quieter than ceiling-mount openers and don’t vibrate as much. A jackshaft opener makes sense if you have a bedroom above or next to the garage and don’t want to hear the door opening and closing.

More storage space

Wall-mounted garage door openers free up the space in the center of your garage door. By installing a jackshaft opener, you can use the space where a typical opener goes for storage racks. Those racks are a handy way to store seasonal items without lugging them into your attack.

Heavier duty

The 8500 & 8500W are built to operate the heaviest garage doors, up to 650 & 850 lbs.

Fewer parts, fewer problems

Jackshaft operators don’t have as many parts as traditional operators, so there are fewer parts to wear out or break.


LiftMaster 8500 overview

liftmaster. 8500 elite series wall mount garage door opener

The LiftMaster 8500 is a residential jackshaft garage door opener designed to free up space & quietly lift heavy garage doors. Rated for up to 650 pounds of weight and maximum dimensions of 180 sf, this model meets the needs of most residential garage doors. Works with most standard garage door sizes and types of garage doors.


  • Wall mount frees up ceiling space.
  • DC motor for ultra-quiet operation.
  • Includes remote light, remote control, and 889LM control panel.


  • Battery backup and automatic garage door locks are sold separately.
  • Battery backup has to be mounted nearby, and the battery is nearly the size of the operator.
  • Requires the purchase of an internet gateway to use with the myQ system.


LiftMaster 8500W overview

liftmaster 8500w garage door opener

The LiftMaster 8500W is a best-in-class jackshaft garage door opener. Featuring a quiet DC motor, this wall-mounted model can lift garage doors up to 850 pounds and 14 feet tall at speeds of 8.4 inches per second (opening) and 7.6 inches per second (closing).


  • Wall mount frees up ceiling space.
  • DC motor for ultra-quiet operation.
  • Built-in battery backup lets you open/close your door in a power outage.
  • Automatic garage door lock deadbolts once your door is closed.
  • MyQ remote LED light and built-in Wifi for smartphone control.


  • n/a


Should you buy the LiftMaster 8500 or 8500W?

Without a doubt, the 8500W is the better operator. It offers an integrated battery backup, can lift heavier garage doors, and is Wi-fi enabled without the need for extra equipment. By the time you add the battery and gateway to the 8500, you’ll end up spending more money and adding more clutter to your garage.

If you’re buying a jackshaft operator, go with the LiftMaster 8500W.



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In closing

The LiftMaster 8500 vs. 8500W is a common conversation with builders and homeowners. We hope this article shed some light on the differences between these popular garage door openers. If you have more questions, please call us at 817-500-5988 or submit a form on our contact us page. Our team is ready to help.


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