LiftMaster 87504 vs 84501 Garage Door Opener Comparison

Are you looking for a new LiftMaster garage door opener? Our handy 87504 v 84501 comparison table compares the features, pricing, and availability of these two popular LiftMaster openers. LiftMaster recently announced they are retiring the 84501 in favor of the 87504, so we don’t recommend buying clearance or available 84501 since they’re being phased out.

Comparison Chart


LiftMaster 87504

smart garage door opener that works when power is our


LiftMaster 84501

liftmaster smart opener 84501



Discontinued – available while supplies last





DC LED Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi with Integrated Camera

DC LED Belt Drive Wi-Fi

7′ Installed Price



8′ Installed Price



10′ Installed Price



Model Number Replaced

85503-267, WLED, 8550WLB


Built-in Bluetooth & Wi-Fi & MyQ Compatible



Integrated Camera



Battery Backup




Side to Side Integrated LED, 2,000 Lumens

Side to Side Integrated LED, 1,500 Lumens

Soft Start/Stop & Timer-to-Close



Mounting Type



Motor Warranty



Parts Warranty

5 Years

1 Year

Replacement Logic Board



Drive Type ?



Motor Type




120V AC, 60 Hz voltage, 2.7A current rating, UL listed, 6′ power cord (3-prong)

120V AC, 60 Hz voltage, 6A current ratings, UL Listed, 4′ power cord (3-prong)


9″ Per Second Up, 6.5″ Per Second Down

7.2″ Per Second Up, 7.2″ Per Second Down


LiftMaster 87504 Brochure

LiftMaster 84501 Brochure


LiftMaster 87504 Reviews

Rating: 3.9
Qty: 50 Reviews

Favorable Review
Review: 5 Stars
Source: LiftMaster Corporate Site
Review: “I love this opener, It has all the bells and whistles a modern smart product should have!”

Critical Review
Review: 2 Stars
Source: LiftMaster Corporate Site
Review: “Had a vendor install the opener to replace a Chamberlain (from 1999). Chamberlain = Lift Master, so should be fine, right? Chose the top of the line model.

Initial installation went fine. Downloaded the app, can’t run the app without creating an account online. That’s not good. Then we tried to configure the thing. First, it wouldn’t load the door / motor / device into my new (required) Lift Master online account. Then it did. But the camera wouldn’t show up as an installed device or even an available device to be added. Lift Master tech support (a special line for the vendor) determined the logic board was incorrectly configured (“flashed incorrectly”) and the whole thing needs to be replaced. We get to start again next week when he has a brand new motor in hand. Oh, joy…

The required online account to even use the app bugs me. I don’t trust a vendor having direct access to my garage door, which it seems they do (revealed through the troubleshooting process). May downgrade to a less “intelligent” option if I can’t get comfortable with their security measures.”

LiftMaster 87504 Price

At Doorvana Garage Doors, we charge between $699 and $1,380 for the 87504. The price depends on multiple factors. First, our builders pay less than homeowners because they order between 20 – 100+ per year and receive a substantial trade discount. Second, the garage door height impacts the price. We charge different ranges for 7′, 8′, and 10′ tall garage doors. Lastly, our labor rates are different if we are installing an opener into a new construction opening vs replacing an existing operator.

LiftMaster 87504 Manuals

Click here to download the 87504-267 product guide.Ā 

LiftMaster 87504 Pictures



LiftMaster 84501 Reviews

Rating: 3.5
Qty: 24 Reviews

Favorable Review
Review: 5 Stars
Source: LiftMaster Corporate Site
Review: “OMG, Our new L.M. 84501 is way better than what our garage door guy sold us. It is a very quiet belt drive and the LED lights are fabulous in our dark garage. Our old opener could wake our neighbors it was so loud. This one, you can not hear it inside at all.”

Critical Review
Review: 1 Star
Source: LiftMaster Corporate Site
Review: “Do not get Liftmaster until they have a fix for their RF interference. Our 2 new units were installed 2 months ago. They only work 10% of the time. Our installer told us this is a manufacturer issue and so far there is no fix for this.”


LiftMaster 84501 Manuals

LiftMaster 84501 Pictures

Choosing a Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers come with different features depending on price and manufacturer. At Doorvana, we primarily install LiftMaster operators because their best-in-class technology makes our clients’ lives easier. If you’re in North Texas and are shopping for openers, please call us at 817-500-5988 or contact us here. We’d love to talk through your available options and what’s popular.

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