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Our garage doors are backed by our Doorvana Guarantee to provide peace of mind.

How to Get New Wood Garage Door Pricing

Our approach to garage doors bids are straightforward.

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When you're ready, contact us with a design and sizes.

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Once we know what you want, we can price jobs over the phone and send a follow up bid for your records.

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Once approved and we have received your deposit, we will begin producing your new wood garage door.

Wood Garage Door Pricing

Pricing starts at

$3,000 +

Per Door

Wood garage door pricing is based on the size, quantity, design, options, and wood species.

Here are a few things to remember when selecting a wood garage door.

  • Most doors are built from select tight-knot cedar and include polystyrene insulation and a wood interior backing.
  • Wood doors can be painted or stained.
  • We can build garage doors with cladding from brands Delta Millworks and Thermory or from your favorite cladding firm.


Where To Buy Wood Garage Doors Near You?

If you are shopping for wood garage doors, ask the local garage door companies whether they make their doors or buy them from someone else. If you choose to work with Doorvana, you are buying directly from a manufacturer who has decades of experience designing, fabricating, and installing wood garage doors.

Common Wood Garage Door Questions

What is the most popular wood for garage doors?

Select tight knot cedar is the most common because it is weather and insect-resistant, abundant, affordable, and milled in various dimensions.

Are wood garage doors heavy?

They are heavier than most steel garage doors because of the lumber’s weight. However, this weight is offset by increased torsion spring sizes that do the lifting.

Why should I not buy a wood garage door?

Steel is a better option for a nearly maintenance-free garage door.


Can you paint or stain a wood garage door?

Whether you choose a smooth or rough exterior, the wood can be trained or painted.

Why Doorvana?


Our services are based on a fixed price list, so you're never going to pay more than your neighbor for the same repair.


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We deliver top-rated services for up to 30% less than our competitors.

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