Modern Style Garage Doors

Looking for Modern garage doors for your home? Doorvana offers several modern style garage door options from all the top manufacturers. Don’t see a door that suits you in our list below? Explore our catalog or give us a call to explore more options.

Features of Modern Garage Doors

Steel and aluminum are commonly used in modern garage door designs but they aren’t the only option. You can also shop for wood and vinyl garage door options if those are your preference. More than anything look for a door that has the features of a modern garage door. That means a door with clean horizontal lines and minimalistic design.

  • Lack of ornamentation for a streamlined look
  • Neutral colors
  • Asymmetrical designs and composition
  • Flush panels with or without windows

Who Makes Modern Garage Doors?


Amarr Vista garage doors.

Amarr is one of the leading companies in garage door manufacturing and distribution. Amarr’s garage doors are made of steel and available in hundreds of designs including several contemporary, modern, and traditional styles.

  • Amarr Vista
    • Amarr Vista doors are exactly what you think of when you think of modern and contemporary door design. Choose from simple wide panel configurations.
      • 8’ & 9’ Wide – 2 Panels
      • 10’ Wide – 3 Panels
      • 16’ Wide – 4 Panels
      • 18’ Wide – 5 Panels
  • Amarr Horizon
    • Amarr Horizon garage doors are also a beautifully modern and contemporary option. Aluminum multiview garage doors are available in single and insulated glazing.
      • Single Pane Glazing – 1 Panel
      • Single Pane Glazing – 2 Panels
      • Single Pane Glazing – 3 Panels
      • Insulated Glazing – 2 Panels
      • Insulated Glazing – 3 Panels
      • Insulated Glazing – 4 Panels


Modern Clopay garage door with short panel windows on the right side.

Clopay makes America’s favorite doors. Among the many options offered by this company are several options that will suit your modern-style home. Check out a few options linked below.

  • Clopay Avante
    • Avante garage doors feature aluminum and glass construction. The aluminum frame creates a beautiful, maintenance-free, and durable door. Doors in this series are available in 6’6” to 8’0” heights.
      • 2 Panel
      • 3 Panel
      • 4 Panel
      • 5 Panel
  • Clopay Canyon Ridge Modern
    • Canyon Ridge garage doors are a durable faux wood option for modern or mid-century style homes.
      • Plank Panel
      • Plank Panel – Short Windows Down Side
      • Plank Panel – Short Windows Down Both Sides
      • Plank Panel – All Windows
      • Plank Panel – Long Windows Down Side
      • Plank Panel – Long Windows Down Both Sides
      • Metal Inlay Panel
      • Full View Panel
  • Clopay Reserve Wood Modern
    • Reserve Wood garage doors are customizable. Choose from a variety of materials and natural wood tones. 
      • Offset Window Panels
      • Accent Strip Panels
      • Horizontal Cladding Panels
  • Clopay Modern Steel
    • Clopay’s Modern Steel garage doors will complement contemporary and mid-century modern homes. Choose from a variety of options to complement your home.
      • Flush Panel
      • Grooved Panel
      • Flush Panel with Windows
      • Grooved Panel with Windows
      • Flush Panels with Full View Long Panel Windows
      • Flush Panel with Short Windows
      • Grooved with Long Panel Windows
      • Grooved Panel with Full View Short Panel Windows


Black CHI Flush Panel garage doors.

C.H.I. offers four modern garage door options including the Sterling, Full-View Aluminum, Skyline Flush, and Planks design. Customize your door to suit your home.

  • C.H.I. Sterling
    • Sterling style garage doors have a beautiful minimalist design. These doors combine glass and steel for a clean, classy look. 
      • Sterling Panel
  • C.H.I. Full-View Aluminum
    • Ultra modern garage doors made with aluminum and glass, perfect for modern and industrial style homes.
      • Full-View Panel without Insulation
      • Full-View Panel with Insulation
  • C.H.I. Skyline Flush
    • Looking for garage doors with a geometric design? C.H.I.’s Skyline Flush has optional stacked windows and tinted glass.
      • Skyline Flush with Short Windows
      • Skyline Flush with Long Windows
      • Skyline Flush with Oversized Windows
  • C.H.I. Planks
    •  The C.H.I. Planks garage door is available in six models, all made of steel and ranging from 10.49 and 17.54 R-Value.
      • Short Panel
      • Long Panel
      • Oversized Panel

Wayne Dalton

Modern garage doors from Wayne Dalton.

Wayne Dalton is among the largest and longest established garage door companies in the country. Beautifully designed Wayne Dalton doors are available in many styles, colors, and materials.

  • Wayne Dalton Model 8850
    • Wayne Dalton 8850 garage doors are beautifully constructed with rugged, anodized aluminum frame and equally spaced laminated glass. 
      • Standard Frame – 2 Panel
      • Standard Frame – 3 Panel
      • Standard Frame – 4 Panel
      • Double Wide Frame – 2 Panel
      • Double Wide Frame – 3 Panel
      • Double Wide Frame – 4 Panel
      • Double Wide Frame – 5 Panel
  • Wayne Dalton Model 8450 Luminous
    • Wayne Dalton 8450 Luminous doors are full-view aluminum glass doors. Glass panels have an ultra-modern frameless look that’s both stylish and sleek.
  • Wayne Dalton Custom
    • Create your own custom Wayne Dalton garage door. Choose from a variety of wood materials, panel designs, finishes, and insulation options.
  • Wayne Dalton 40 Series
    • Flush wood doors have a simple and classic design that complements modern-style home exteriors. 
      • Flush Panel: T1-11 plywood
      • Flush Panel: Rough sawn plywood
      • Flush Panel: Smooth plywood

Overhead Door

Two modern Overhead garage doors on two car garage.

Pioneers in the industry, Overhead Door has stood for over 90 years and has a wide network of distributors. Explore Overhead Door’s collections to see a variety of modern garage door designs.

  • Overhead Door Modern Aluminum
    • Modern aluminum doors feature elegant sleek lines and deliver maximum light into the garage space. Choose from two frame options.
      • Standard Frame Panels
      • Heavy-Duty Frame Panels
  • Overhead Door Thermacore®
    • The Thermacore collection offers endless design options to customize your made-to-order door. Choose from six door design options.
      • Standard Panel
      • Vertical Short Panel
      • Vertical Long Panel
      • Long Panel
      • Flush Panel
      • Microgroove Panel
  • Overhead Door Envy 9980 (956)
    • The Overhead Envy door is a stunning aluminum full-view frameless design. Glass panels are made with ¼” tempered glass.
      • 4 High by 2 Wide Panels
      • 4 High by 4 Wide Panels

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