Contemporary Garage Doors

As new homes are built around us it’s a good idea to keep our homes up-to-date. One of the projects with the best return on investment are garage door replacements. What better than a new contemporary garage door. Choose from a variety of contemporary styles including glass doors, doors with clean simple lines, and doors with flush panels.

Features of Contemporary Garage Doors

The biggest markers of contemporary home design are simple, smooth, clean lines. We’ve seen this in Modern Farmhouse style homes, modernized traditional style homes, and contemporary modern style homes. 

As you search for contemporary garage doors to complement your home keep these features in mind.

  • Clean lines
  • Symmetry
  • Smooth finishes
  • Neutral colors
  • Glass

Who Makes Contemporary Garage Doors?


Amarr Vista garage doors.

Amarr is one of the leading companies in garage door manufacturing and distribution. Amarr’s garage doors are made of steel and available in hundreds of designs including several contemporary, modern, and traditional styles.

  • Amarr Vista
    • Amarr Vista doors are exactly what you think of when you think of contemporary door design. Choose from simple wide panel configurations.
      • 8’ & 9’ Wide – 2 Panels
      • 10’ Wide – 3 Panels
      • 16’ Wide – 4 Panels
      • 18’ Wide – 5 Panels
  • Amarr Horizon
    • Amarr Horizon garage doors are also a beautifully modern and contemporary option. Aluminum multiview garage doors are available in single and insulated glazing.
      • Single Pane Glazing – 1 Panel
      • Single Pane Glazing – 2 Panels
      • Single Pane Glazing – 3 Panels
      • Insulated Glazing – 2 Panels
      • Insulated Glazing – 3 Panels
      • Insulated Glazing – 4 Panels
  • Amarr Olympus
    • Amarr Olympus garage doors can be customized to complement traditional and contemporary designs. Olympus garage doors offer 19.4 R-Value. This energy-efficient door is available in three panel options:
      • Short Panel
      • Long Panel
      • Flush Panel
  • Amarr Stratford
    • Classic steel Stratford doors are beautiful, low-maintenance, and built-to-last. One difference between the Stratford and Olympus is the Stratford doors are available in single and double layer construction. Available in three panel designs:
      • Short Panel
      • Long Panel
      • Flush Panel
  • Amarr Heritage
    • Like the Hillcrest, Heritage doors are available in Traditional and Carriage house designs. Heritage doors are made of premium heavy-gauge steel. Choose from four traditional panel designs:
      • Short Panel
      • Long Panel
      • Flush Panel
      • Ribbed Panel


CHI Plank garage doors with glass panels.

C.H.I. has made high-quality garage doors for homes and commercial spaces for over 40 years. This company offers a variety of styles including two beautiful contemporary options that can be customized in colors, woodtones, and glass.

  • C.H.I. Planks
    •  The C.H.I. Planks garage door is available in six models, all made of steel and ranging from 10.49 and 17.54 R-Value.
      • Short Panel
      • Long Panel
      • Oversized Panel
  • C.H.I. Sterling
    • Sterling style garage doors have a beautiful minimalist design. These doors combine glass and steel for a clean, classy look. 
      • Sterling Panel


Clopay garage doors with glass panels.

Need a door to complement your contemporary home? Choose from two beautiful Clopay options.

  • Clopay Modern Steel
    • Clopay Modern Doors are extremely customizable. These contemporary modern steel garage doors include 24 short, long, and slim window configurations.
      • Short Window Panel
      • Long Window Panel
      • Slim Window Panel
  • Clopay Avante
    • Avante garage doors feature aluminum and glass construction. The aluminum frame creates a beautiful, maintenance-free, and durable door. Doors in this series are available in 6’6” to 8’0” heights.
      • 2 Panel
      • 3 Panel
      • 4 Panel
      • 5 Panel

Wayne Dalton

Two-car garage door with glass panels from Wayne Dalton.

Wayne Dalton is among the largest and longest established garage door companies in the country. Beautifully designed Wayne Dalton doors are available in many styles, colors, and materials.

  • Wayne Dalton Model 9100 and 9605
    • The 9100 and 9605 doors include foam insulation and pinch-resistant panels. Both are available in five panel styles, seven standard finishes, with several options for decorative windows and hardware.
      • Colonial Panel
      • Ranch Panel
      • Sonoma Panel
      • Sonoma Ranch Panel
      • Contemporary Panel
  • Wayne Dalton Model 6600
    • Style this beautiful carriage house design to complement your contemporary home. For your contemporary home choose one of Wayne Dalton’s 11 square top designs.
      • Arlington Panel
      • Ashburn Panel
      • Brunswick Panel
      • Lexington Panel
      • Richmond Panel
      • Savannah Panel
      • Somerset Panel
      • Springfield Panel
      • Bellview Panel
      • Kingston Panel
      • Westfield Panel
  • Wayne Dalton Model 8850
    • Wayne Dalton 8850 garage doors are beautifully constructed with rugged, anodized aluminum frame and equally spaced laminated glass. 
      • Standard Frame – 2 Panel
      • Standard Frame – 3 Panel
      • Standard Frame – 4 Panel
      • Double Wide Frame – 2 Panel
      • Double Wide Frame – 3 Panel
      • Double Wide Frame – 4 Panel
      • Double Wide Frame – 5 Panel
  • Wayne Dalton Model 8450 Luminous
    • Wayne Dalton 8450 Luminous doors are a full-view aluminum glass door. Glass panels have a frameless look that will complement any contemporary home.

Overhead Door

Sleek garage doors from Overhead Door.

Pioneers in the industry, Overhead Door has stood for over 90 years and has a wide network of distributors. Explore Overhead Door’s collections to see how you can customize your garage doors.

  • Overhead Door Modern Aluminum
    • Modern aluminum doors feature elegant sleek lines and deliver maximum light into the garage space. Choose from two frame options.
      • Standard Frame Panels
      • Heavy-Duty Frame Panels
  • Overhead Door Envy 9980 (956)
    • The Overhead Envy door is a stunning aluminum full-view frameless design. Glass panels are made with ¼” tempered glass.
      • 4 High by 2 Wide Panels
      • 4 High by 4 Wide Panels

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